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we understand that CSR activities are not solutions to society’s deep-rooted problems but simply a way to contribute to it and alleviate some suffering. As an organization, we endeavor to build sustainability into every step so that ours can be a social business- turning profits while making the world a better place to live in with everything we do. This however, is a slow and painful process. Until we get there, we will keep doing more than our bit to build a stronger future for humankind, animals, and plants.

Accessible Toilets with Bio Digesters

People with disabilities (PwDs) in India face difficulties due to marginalization everyday. They lack access to essential services and are restricted in movement due to a lack of accessible and inclusive infrastructure. To help PwDs get access to critical infrastructure, Salasar is partnered with Sangati Foundation for the installing of accessible toilets in densely populated areas of Delhi NCR to ensure ease, hygiene and dignity for PwDs.